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Public association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” presents the results of its next preliminary report on monitoring the preparation of the presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic.


 Bishkek, 9 October 2017

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Theme: “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society”

60 independent long-term observers monitor the situation in all regions of Kyrgyzstan since September 1, 2017.

The preliminary report submitted covers the period from September 25 to October 7, 2017. In total during the observation, the “Coalition” will prepare five preliminary reports on the results of long-term follow-up. Coalition observers in their work are guided by the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

Main conclusions

Closer to the voting day, the number of reports on the use of illegal methods of campaigning, such as the use of administrative resource, the bribing of votes, the use of “black PR”, pressure and threats on voters, and the spoiling of campaign materials are increasing.

In the context of widespread dissemination of reports and rumors about various cases of violations during campaigning, as well as pressure on members of ethnic minorities and possible violations on election day, the process of considering electoral disputes becomes extremely important, as well as the extent to which state bodies will respond promptly to such reports and inform the public about the measures taken. The lack of such information may affect the activity and participation of voters on election day.

From time to time the direct participation of the incumbent president in campaigning in the form of statements and declarations regarding presidential candidates can also be perceived as an administrative resource.

Until now, the problem of attracting employees of the public sphere, for example, teachers, for campaigning in favor of a certain candidate, remains a problem. This category of citizens is financed from the republican budget, therefore, attracting them to a candidate’s campaigning can be perceived as the use of administrative resource.

Although the outflow from the TECs decreased somewhat during the reporting period, the issue of full compliance with the provisions of the law of the composition of territorial election commissions regarding the proportions of representation of LSGs and political parties has still not been resolved, which requires serious consideration and more resolute actions to address this issue.

Many voters did not check their data on voter lists, which could affect the quality of voter lists. Also, a considerable number of citizens voting with Form No. 2 raises questions. According to the SRS, form No. 2 about the election address was filled by 316,064 people, which is more than 10% of all voters.

For the first time in its eighteen-year observation practice, the Coalition faces difficulties in the process of accrediting its observers, which is due to the introduction of new accreditation rules and the lack of uniform application of the new rules.

In the remaining week before the voting day, the relevant state structures need to strengthen the information campaign for the population using various channels of communication about the forthcoming elections, so that voters are sure that the state takes all measures for this, in compliance with the principle of secrecy of the vote.

The full version of the preliminary report, and the data of conducted surveys are posted on the website of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society: www.coalition.kg


The goal of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society is to contribute to the process of transparency and fairness of elections through the organization of qualitative, objective and independent monitoring of the pre-election process, the voting day and summing up the results.

This goal is realized through observation of the pre-election process, voting day and post-election process, informing the voter about his rights and duties, polls and interaction with all participants in the electoral process.

On all questions you can contact project coordinator Jamila Dzharkynbayeva on the phone: + 996 555 913 503 and send mail to the following address: j.jarkynbaeva@coalition.kg, office@coalition.kg or call the official telephone of the “Coalition” with the number: + 996 554 900 325,

Public Association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” is an independent, neutral, non-profit and non-governmental organization.

The mission of the Coalition is to build a civil society, strengthen the rule of law and protect human rights in the Kyrgyz Republic.