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 Bishkek, October 13th 2017

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 Theme: “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” reported on the beginning of the work of short-term observers

Public association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” held a briefing on October 13, where it announced the beginning of work of short-term observers.

“Elections are the main process and one of the key elements of democracy. They concern each of us. Therefore, it is extremely important how the process of elections takes place, when a voter participates in the formation of institutions of power and in this case in the choice of the head of state through free expression of will. It is important for a citizen to actively use his constitutional right and contribute to the future of the country. The Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society is responsible for monitoring the electoral process at all levels since 1999. Monitoring of elections is important, because through it we accomplish our mission – strengthening the rule of law and protecting human rights. In this context, we focus on observing laws, rules and procedures for conducting free and transparent elections. Our observation is distinguished by the quality and accuracy of data. Our observers will be present at 500 sites selected by random sampling. This method ensures impartiality, excluding subjectivity in relation to the precinct election commissions in which we conduct observations. This method allows us to see the overall picture, because it is based on a statistical approach, ” said Coalition President Azamat Adilov.

For the first time in Central Asia, the Public Association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” started the practice of using sms reporting from observers.

“In these presidential elections, for the work of short-term observers, we use a new SMS-system to receive reports from observers. It will allow for receiving data from polling stations, processing them and systematizing information promptly, ” said Short-Term monitoring Coordinator coordinator Raushan Sadyrbaeva.

On election day, 1,000 Coalition observers will observe at 500 polling stations on Election Day on October 15, as well as on October 14 – the day of mobile voting, in those areas where it will be held.



The goal of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society is to contribute to the process of transparency and fairness of elections through the organization of qualitative, objective and independent monitoring of the pre-election process, the voting day and summing up the results.


This goal is realized through observation of the pre-election process, voting day and post-election process, informing the voter about his rights and duties, polls and interaction with all participants in the electoral process.


For all questions, you may contact project coordinator Raushan Sadyrbaeva by phone: + 996 772 170 029 an/or  send an email to the following address: r.sadyrbaeva@coalition.kg, office@coalition.kg or call the official telephone of the “Coalition” at following the number : + 996 554 900 325


Public Association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” is an independent, neutral, non-profit and non-governmental organization.

The mission of the Coalition is to build civil society, strengthen the rule of law and protect human rights in the Kyrgyz Republic.