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The Public Organization “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” launched a nationwide telephone survey from May 21 to May 29.

The purpose of this survey was to find out the opinion of the Kyrgyz citizens on the travel conditions in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This sociological survey was aimed to study the opinion of the population on the traffic safety level and the situation on the roads of the country.

  • Public transport is the main means of transportation in cities for the majority of Kyrgyz respondents (61%). A personal car is preferred for movement in everyday life by 34.3% of the population and ranks second in prevalence. Only 3.5% move on foot in everyday life.
  • Public transport is the most demanded among female respondents of all ages (averaging 81.4%), in contrast to male respondents (averaging 39.2%).
  • 44.4% of respondents have driving licenses. Among them, the proportion of men with a driving license significantly prevails over the proportion of women (73.9% vs. 16.8%).
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