Kyrgyzstan citizens awareness on the rights of voters

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Public organization “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” conducted a nationwide telephone survey from 17th January to January 23rd, 2018.

The purpose of the survey was to study the level of Kyrgyzstan citizens’ awareness about the
rights of voters.

This sociological survey was aimed at revealing the level of awareness of Kyrgyzstan citizens
about the rights of voters.

  • 70.3% of respondents declare being sufficiently aware of their voting rights. Partial
    awareness was declared by 7.6% of respondents. One out of every seven respondents
    admitted that they do not receive sufficient information about their voting rights. Insufficient
    information about their voting rights was most often noted by respondents from the city of
    Bishkek, Talas and Chui regions.
  • Among the reasons, slightly more than a third of respondents who partially or do not receive
    enough information about their voting rights, weak information support from the CEC and
    state bodies was noted. One out of every five respondents declared the difficulty of finding
    any information on their own, as well as a lack of accessible and convenient information
  • According to the interviewed people, the CEC (25.6%), LSG (19%) and the Government
    (17.6%) should inform citizens about their voting rights. And every fifth respondent
    recommends that citizens themselves should be interested in their own voting rights (18.5%).
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