Civil Society Initiative for Electoral Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic

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The “Civil Society Initiative for Electoral Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic” is a joint action of Public Association “Coalition for democracy and civil society”, Public Foundation “Legal clinic “Adilet”, and Public foundation “Civil Initiative on Internet Policy” (CIIP). Affiliated entities include “Media Development Center” (MDC) and “Agency for Social Technologies” (AST). This action was proposed in order to strengthen civil society contribution to the electoral reform process in the Kyrgyz Republic. The action united leading civil society actors representing the Committee for Civic Control, who see value in undertaking joint work along several dimensions, spanning domestic observation, voter education and post-election follow-up activities.

In the framework of the “Civil Society Initiative for Electoral Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic”, coordinator of the Action “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” along with co-beneficiaries and affiliated entities, were able to implement program objectives for a sound, representative, and relevant electoral monitoring campaign and advocate in favour of electoral reform.

Advocating in favour of electoral reform in the country was performed through the various activity components of respective organisations, each specializing in a specific sector throughout the electoral cycle: election observation, monitoring campaigning platforms and promises of political parties and candidates, training of state bodies and providing legal advice, polling, media monitoring, and gender monitoring during elections.

All activities were implemented within the scope of work agreed upon with the EU Delegation in the Kyrgyz Republic, to provide for result-oriented attempts at improving the work of election related actors including state bodies, public institutions, political parties, Central Election Commission, electoral candidates and CSOs.

A considerable number of outcomes were reached under the first year of the program, with the first year of activities reaching a considerable level of achievement. As the updated logical framework illustrates in detail, there is evidence that some of the final targets of the program were already reached and impacted by the program by the end of the first year, as described in the results and activities section of this report.

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