Public Association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” announces preliminary data on monitoring the voting in the presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic

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 Bishkek October 15th 2017

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 According to the Coalition’s call center, where information is received from 500 polling stations randomly selected and representative for the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, at 2.00 pm voter turnout was 29.6%. The margin of error is +/- 0,7%. The Coalition uses a 95% confidence interval to calculate the margin, which is a high level of accuracy accepted as a standard among statisticians around the world.


Observers of the “Coalition” continuously monitored all aspects of the voting. Serious violations that could affect the voting results are recorded in less than 1% of polling stations.


For example, at PEC # 1360, a member of the precinct election commission keeps a double count of voters who came to the polls. Accounting is conducted on two lists simultaneously: one list of voters is numbered and threaded according to the requirements of the law, and the second list is arbitrary. On this fact, an act of an observer of the Coalition was drawn up.


The Coalition also received data on the number of completed forms Nos. 2 and 3, this data will be analyzed later.


On the voting day on October 15, 1000 observers from the Coalition monitor the voting process at 500 polling stations throughout the country selected by random sampling, which is representative of the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. During the day, each observer will send reports in the form of SMS messages to the Coalition’s call center on the progress of voting, recorded violations at polling stations from the moment of opening of the polling stations and until the end of vote counting.




Brief explanation of the observation methodology:


The PVT (Parallel Vote Tabulation) methodology is the most effective method of systematic data collection for monitoring elections, which allows civil society to assess the quality of processes on the Election Day and to determine the accuracy of the official voting results announced by the election commission. PVT is a method aimed at exercising control by civil society for the state’s compliance with its obligations to conduct fair and democratic elections.


The basis of PVT is the observation of polling stations selected by random sampling, representative of the entire territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. The way of carrying out the PVT is based on statistical principles, which allow you to extrapolate the information received from selected polling stations to the whole country.


PVT allows for an evaluation of all voting day processes systematically and impartially: opening polling stations, voting, closing polling stations and counting of votes. At the same time, the collection and analysis of voter turnout and election results without comprehensive monitoring of all electoral processes would not provide accurate data, since information can be based on incorrect or inadequately collected information.


The goal of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society is to contribute to the process of transparency and fairness of elections through the organization of qualitative, objective and independent monitoring of the pre-election process, the voting day and summing up the results.


This goal is accomplished through observation of the pre-election process, voting day and post-election process, informing the voter about his rights and duties, polls and interaction with all participants in the electoral process.


Public Association “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society” is an independent, neutral, non-profit and non-governmental organization.

The mission of the Coalition is to build a civil society, strengthen the rule of law and protect human rights in the Kyrgyz Republic.


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