Problem of domestic violence

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During the period of July 10 -17, 2018 public organization Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society conducted a nationwide telephone survey.

The purpose of this survey is to study the opinion of Kyrgyz citizens about the problem of domestic violence.

This sociological survey was conducted with the aim of studying the opinion of the population of Kyrgyzstan on the problem of domestic violence, its causes, the prevalent forms and towards whom they are committed most often.

  • The overwhelming majority (96.3%) noted that in our country there is a problem of abusive treatment in the family, so-called domestic violence.
  • The three main causes of domestic violence, according to the opinion of the Kyrgyz people, are: first – “social disorder: in the form of unemployment and money difficulties”; the second – “alcoholism and drug addiction”; and the third – “low level of education and culture of the population”.
  • In the opinion of 62.6% of the surveyed population, physical violence (beatings, bullying with the use of force, etc.) is the most common form of family violence. The second place is given to moral, psychological violence (threats, insults, prohibitions, etc.), which amounts to 20.1%. In third place – economic violence (manipulation with money, the financial dependence of one member of the family from another, the prohibition to dispose of money, etc.) with a total of 9.2%. Sexual violence (rape, sexual harassment, etc.) turned out to be the less common form of domestic violence, according to Kyrgyz people, and makes up only 1.5%.
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