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Public union “Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society”, in the framework of its activities, monitors the work of Parliament. Also at the end of Summer 2018, Coalition held a series of round tables in the regions of the country with the participation of MPs of the JogorkuKenesh. In this regard, it became interesting to study to which extent the JogorkuKenesh is available for citizens and their requests. Thus,Coalitionconducted a nationwide telephone sociological survey from October 23rd to November 5th, 2018.

The purpose of this survey was to study the opinion of the citizens of Kyrgyzstan on the availability of the JogorkuKenesh for their requests, as well as the awareness of Kyrgyzstan’s citizens about the methods and procedures for applying to Parliament.

This survey is not a comprehensive assessment of the work of parliament or a measurement of the level of public confidence in comparison with other government agencies. This survey considers only the aspect of openness and accessibility of parliament to work with citizens’ requests and their awareness of the possibilities of contacting the JogorkuKenesh.

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